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35W HID Xenon Conversion Digital AC CANBUS BALLAST after market kit Error Free

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Product Code : canbus ballast X2
Product Brand : cnlight
35w canbus ballast
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35W HID Xenon Conversion Digital AC CANBUS BALLAST after market kit Error Free​

HID Ballast Features:
  • Original Digital low current AC ballast and last longer than DC ballast
  • Please note some of the DC ballast in market will cause the HID flickers and working unstable. DC ballast have shorter life compare to AC ballast and might damage some of the HID bulbs.
  • The ballast is high quality in market and come with least defective rate.
  • Ballasts come with TWO years UK based warranty.
  • This ballast has passed ROCH and come with CE, E13 certificate.
  • This is CAN BUS ballasts suitable for most of the vehicles with Error FREE feature.
Detailed of ballasts Description
1) Stainless steel case, waterproof and vibration resistant
 2) Quick and safe ignition, internal voltage protection
 3) Low voltage and power protecting the lamps
 4) Input voltage: ≤12V
 5) Cool start current: ≤5.4A
 6) Cool start power: ≤48W
 7) Hot start current: ≤3.6A
 8) Hot start power: ≤35W
 9) Output voltage: ≤165V
 10) Working current: ≤ 3.5A
 11) Working temperature: -40 - 105°C

What is CAN BUS system
Most of the American and European cars after 2004 equiped with CAN BUS system. This complexity system made most of the after market installations difficult to perform. Standard HID kit installaed in the car will not working well, common problem such as lights could not turn on or lights turn off automatically after ignition on will happens. Some of the CANBUS cars will have the bulb-failure warning on the dash after HID kit fitted in the car. This HID kit come with CAN BUS free ballasts with built-in decoders which can solve the problems mentioned.