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9012 HID Xenon Bulbs for Headlight 35w AC

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Product Brand : cnlight
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CNLIGHT Brand 9012 35W HID Xenon Bulbs
UK Based 1 YEAR Warranty
Our genuine CNLIGHT HID Bulbs are made using independently developed intelligent chip technology, offering enhanced stability and quality. Our HID bulbs are the best in the UK market. These bulbs are produced to the highest quality; made by ISO 9001/14001 approved company. Please be aware other sellers copying our bulb designs and providing false bulb information.
Bulb Features
- Made of superior materials. Anti-UV quartz glass tube from Germany, metal halide from the US, electrode from Australia. All of which are used to ensure superiority of the bulbs.
- Produced using silicone cables, making them water-proof.
- Comes with ceramic insulation preventing damage from the heat generated by the bulb.
- Metal base design ensuring durability and to allow easier installation.
- There is less than 40% light delay even after around 2,250 hours of usage.
- CNLIGHT HID bulbs come with a round bubble design which helps to ensure thermal stability, offering an extended lifetime. More details about the design are shown below. In addition, the lumen output is increased by 5% and the glare is reduced by 14%.