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Carbon Fibre Element Heated Seat Retrofit Kit for Single Seat

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Product Code : HEATED SEAT X1
Product Brand : A&E
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Heated Seat have long remained an expensive optional that few could afford or was simply not an available option for the particular vehicle, the solution is a retrofit kit.

Our retrofit kits features a high quality carbon heater element which retains conductivity even when cut, making this kit especially easy yo install and tailored fitment on par with OEM elements.

A new innovation is the intergrated temperature monitor which helps to provide an even distribution of heat across the entire heating element for a more pleasane experience.
The switch come with low and high levels, the low level temperature about 45 degree and high level temperature is about 70 degree. 


High Temperature level:     5A

Low Temperature Level: 1.6A

The Element has E24 and CE proof.