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MCX Antenna Aerial

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Product Brand : A&E
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 Magnetic Base and Water Resistant
These active antennas are high performance GPS patch antenna feature a high-tech low noise amplifier. It provides excellent signal amplification and out-band-rejection for the receiver. All this is packaged into a low-profile, extremely compact and fully waterproof package.
If your gps device signal is weaker in built up urban area, during bad weather or even in vehicles with any kind of coated windscreen (athermancy or metal sintered), this item will solve the gps reception problem. You will never suffer from loss of signal again with this antenna whatever your device is.
We have both 180 degree (straight) and 90 degree (right angle) connector, please choose from the option below.

Compatibility list:

Alan Map500
Altina GBT708
Belkin Bluetooth GPS
Billionton CF GPS CPIT (Central Pacific International Technology) Bluetooth GPS-Receiver Model: GP-27
Emtac GPS Expansion Pack, Bluetooth Empfänger, GPSJAQ, Crux Bluetooth GPS
Falcom Navi-1
Fortuna Pocket X Track CF, Bluetooth Xtrack, Pocket Xtrack, ClipOn Bluetooth
StreetPilot-I3, StreetPilot-I5 Garmin Quest, Quest2, iQue-3200-PDA, iQue-3600-PDA, iQue-3600, iQue-M3, M5, StreetPilot-2610-GPS, StreetPilot-2620-GPS, StreetPilot-2650-GPS, StreetPilot-2660-GPS, 2720 StreetPilot-c320-GPS, StreetPilot-c330-GPS, c340, eMap: GPS-12CX, GPS-12MAP, GPS-12XL, GPS-15,15L/15H GPS 2527C & GA 27, MK-76, GPS-40, GPS-60, GPS-76, GPSMAP60, GPSMAP60C, GPSMAP60CS, GPSMAP76, GPSMAP76C, GPSMAP76CS, GPSMAP76S, GPSMAP96, GPSMAP 96C, GPSMAP175, GPSCOM190, GPSMAP195, NavTalk MGPS
Goodmans GNAV10
Holux All Holux receiver expect GPSlim 236 (GR-236) and 321
Lowrance iWay100M, iFinder, iFinder-H20, iFinder-Hunt, iFinder-Map & Music, iFinder-PhD, iFinder-Pro, Airmap-500,
Motorola Encore GPS
Navigon MN 4 Empfänger, NAVIGON TriCeiverTMC BT Receiver
Navman iCN  610, 620, 630, 635, 650; GPS-3000, 3300, GPS-3400, GPS-3450, GPS-4400, GPS-4410 und GPS-4460, 4470)
Nokia LD-1W
Pocket Copilot
Road angel 2 Road angel 2, Road Angel Compact, Road Angel Navigator
Royaltek RBT-3000
Socket BT GPS
T-Mobile Navigate CEO0681
Whistler Galileo All known systems
  • Frequency : 1575MHz ± 10 MHz
  • Input Voltage: 2 ~ 5 VDC
  • Input Current: 6mA, @ 3V input
  • Antenna Type: PATCH
  • VSWR: 2:1
  • Polarization: Circular (RH)
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Azimuth Coverage: 360 degrees.
  • Elevation Coverage: 5~90 degrees.
  • Coaxial cable : RG-174, 3M or 5M
  • Dimension: 43.5 ×34.8 ×13.9 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +80 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +90 ℃
  • Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 100%
  • Mount: Magnetic